the past few days…

the past few days…

December 25th, 2004
Current Mood:restless
filled with things.
Aunt D. doing her fabulous holiday dinner – so nice and good. Company party – delicious food – a steak with cherry sauce/juice – though garlicky – yum. T-dog’s for dinner last night – howdy, brother John. Delicious Library for any Mac users is a must get. Good luck with T-dog’s pursuit of a feature this next year, along with Carrie&Nate’s multi-state home owning spree.

A run to the ocean is interrupted by a sobriety checkpoint – on a Tuesday night? oh well. the ocean is majestic and powerful. It soothes my ragged nerves, allows me to focus and let go at the same time. I need to get there more often, perhaps move there.

I write these little entries, for what purpose? I need to link to this journal from my site if I want people to read it. Alas, the major problem – not enough planning, and never any follow through. the challenge of life, I take it.

Of course, a relaxed confidence is all I really have needed. Perhaps that will be my gift to myself for 2005. A good plan.