greetings from the wilds…

greetings from the wilds…


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of North Durham…
Where the water ran deep, the sump pump was off, the pilot light went out and there was no more hot water.
A water fording was made by the intrepid Michelle, and the pump, having been disconnected due to a noise complaint from visitors, was reconnected.
the lake drained, and the repair work started on the hot water source. With the able assistance of Michelle, Melissa and the long distance voice of matt much success was had!

A semi-dramatic Monday – worked on the resume – all sorts of concerns and internal issues… but with the addition of a new cell phone number I feel confident on what I got down.

Sunday was filled with fabulous visitors (Kim and Karen and Giovani) (Mark and Julian) (Morgan and Beth with a cool toy for Zach), a run to wash the Element even though it was raining. Crazy people at/near/in the Kroger. Dinner with Morgan, Beth, Viv, and MnMnZ at Tyler’s was good – meeting good people is always a good thing!

Saturday was the house walk thru – wow…. it was great. so great. Melissa, Michele, Zach and our agent Nancy were there… Shannon and Stacy were quite gracious, and not one but two pups – the older collie mix was nice, the younger schnauser was quite fiesty!!! We had gone for a walk in the morning to go see the brontasaurus (cool!!) and the echo picnic dome (cool!!), and after the house walk thru the Kuceraks stopped by on their way to FLA… nice to see them again in such short fashion – they brought down a wonderful recliner that the girls had purchased over the holidays in Upstate. A tasty dinner including grilled veggies and portabellas – yum!! We topped it off by watching ‘Cars’ with the Zach and Kuceraks – wow – totally awesome movie – everyone should go see it or buy it!!!

Friday was an adjustment day, then a drive or two and mostly wandering. Met with the girls and Zach at the dealership where they perused different wheels…
Thursday was a road day with Matty… yay!!!! much fun, starting with Holland Farms tasty cakes and coffee… through Pennsylvania and Maryland and Virginia and finally into North Carolina and shazam – our house!

Just a short wrtie up of the past week or so…
Hope everyone’s doing fine.


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