Hello Blue dog…

Hello Blue dog…

December 5th, 2007

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Good morning!!

gots to go let her out!

ok – she’s soooooo happy at times, I love her “I’m jumping up to bump you – oh I want to lick too – I’m soooo happy my butt’s a moving all over the place! Weeeeeeee” pose/response to the back deck.

It’s another good morning to say ‘thanks’, the trees are soooo bare – I gave the ‘hood a look see – you can see for miles.

63 at the sink, 37 in downtown, it’s time for ‘scott in the morning’ …

Is it a scritch behind Blue’s ears? Is it Blue finding her mostly denuded tennis ball and waiting for me to toss it about the living room/dining room/kitchen/den? (She nearly toppled Boo’s monitor the other night when I was having her go cross the living room and into the den – but she was sooooooo happy!)
Is it figuring out the perfect amount of Cool Whip to put on a slice of pumpkin pie for breakfast? (I may have nailed that!)
Is it looking upon the woman you love, and even though it might be a forecast for chills and bumps in the night, feeling that magical spot of warmth centered right behind my heart glow with love, feeling the stressors of the moment slip away as you gently touch her hair, so as not to wake her up too early?
Is it the random adventure to find a spot for coffee in Durham after 9:30? (Hint – Bob Evan’s until 10pm, IHOP until Midnight, Honey’s all the time)


As I consider all the things I’ve seen and done, and as I put aside the cold rational skeptic behind my soul who says ‘ain’t it just a chem reaction? try a stronger brew of java, punk – that’ll give a happy for a minute or 7!!’, at this moment, it’s all ephemeral – ethereal – without mass, but oh so strong in its impact.


My mom is thinking (focusing? fixating??) on a stone step from her childhood home. As she spoke of it the other day, I could hear the joy in her voice as she pondered if its awesomeness was real or a figment of her imagination/memory. I thought of a few things I’ve got listed as figment – imagination or memory; there’s an access spot at Main Street Elementary, down in the auditorium way. Perhaps 3rd grade, no later than 4th grade. Exploring during a school band practice, maybe? It had a metal grate over it, but the grate opened and you could fit inside – was it a cold air return entrance? was it in the side hall way to the right of the stage? And didn’t I go and see a movie at Main Street one summer, a B movie about nuclear sized tarantulas? If so, ma – what were you thinking sending your kids to see a b-movie horror flick??


Finding what you’re looking for? Knowing what you’re looking for?
Viv was a love last night and helped me return the rental car over at the airport – side note – airport rental fees are down right ridiculous, but what can ya do?? It coincided with M getting back from a jaunt to the cold happiness of snowmobiling (with sled in tow) up in their old stomping grounds of North Dakota (or souther Canada, as I joke!).
M recently enjoyed the celebration of her 21st birthday, and as we headed back to town from the airport, there was chatting about how ‘we old folks’ probably are boring poor miss M to death, and how nice it must have been for her to be with peeps her own age. You know, back when we were all crazy and fun-loving 20-somethings… – ah, happiness. Committed with all your power, but not exactly sure what it is we were doing.

I shared my Wallace Certified Story (#456, I think) of being part of the vampire crew at Daze Inn Rez in Knoxburg, late shift out at midnight, closing a bar’s kitchen and then the bar at 2 in the morning, heading to the Boiler Room for an after hours dance a thon, heading back to Unpainted Furniture for a morning shift, then back to Daze for the swing, then to the local watering hole for grub and drinks, oh – it’s 2 and they’re closing! Off to the Boiler Room – rinse and repeat!!

My advice re: M’s possible interest in Int’l Biz, was to create a Durham office for things from friends she meets on line – say, an outlet for authentic Swedish fisherman sweaters, where she can send back authentic North Carolina/Durham … uh … stuff! By becoming the American wholesaler for int’l goods, she’d gain the knowledge and smarts without necessarily spending a few years in classrooms. Just my advice, and worth every penny she paid for it!!!


Friends getting back to the swing of things after being away for a bit. Yourself getting back into the swing of things after being away for a bit. The knowledge that it just may – no guarantees here – is just may be alright.

If not happiness itself, then something that adds happy to how things are.

I had a goal – 800 at 8. I achieved that. I also shared a bit of how things are, and I put down in writing some of the thoughts and energy of the {is it 5lbs? 6lbs??} bucket of grey matter I carry around all the time. Feels good to hit a goal.

Hope your day treats you well, and that you are hot in the pursuit of what makes you happy.


dona nobis pacem

“Keep Calm and Carry On”

ps – as I sit and review what I’m about to post, I’m realizing that taking a moment to go over, and fix the stupid stuff I should fix before I share is good. It makes me happy to know that I’ve done something well. I guess, to summarize, that taking a moment to pause, to slow down for a reason, is good.