Well, ‘leaving tonight’ means…

Well, ‘leaving tonight’ means…

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leaving in the morning.

MY GOD – I’ve grown up!!!
damn it….

I used to head out of Upstate on my bike visits back in the day by saying “I have to leave by noon”, and I’d roll over to say ‘yo’ to Dad about 4’sh, then get to the Humphreys about 6’sh, and head home about 8pm. for a 7’sh hour ride. Yay!!!!! Or some such – the hours are mearly an example, and sadly, when it got to be 10 last night, I realized perhaps the best part of having the ability to be flexible is to be flexible. So, I’ll be off to Ol’ Durham Town shortly, I’m sure.

Probably about 10. 10:30 would be fine…

dona nobis pacem

“Keep Calm and Carry On”