wowsers – tuesday already!

wowsers – tuesday already!

well, I had a note saved from I guess sunday morning – I believe I had something wonderful written for the subject, and then this:
apt description for a 60’sh Brit rocker, or so I’ll say having absolutely loved catching Mr. Billy Bragg at the Cat’s Cradle last night. wow. The kind of guy you want to invite over for drinks, just to keep the conversation going. Oh yeah – he also rocked out quite nicely for a one guy with a guitar show.

Sunday morning and now I want to save the world – but am stuck pushing files around on my computer(s), and trying to fight back a headache that has kept reappearing for the last three days – allergies or an annoyance of tooth work? we’ll find out this week I’m sure!

“even under socialism, you have to make a living – and, you don’t have to abolish capitalism to have free health care – the trouble with you people is you think everything is black and white – it’s more complicated.”

So, yeah –

was kinda awesome all in all; plus you delve into someone you knew a little about, and find out even more, and that makes you dig them all the more. Kudos, Mr. Love & Justice, kudos.

Sunday involved cute puppies, a recovering meggie-moo, a Carrie who needed some TLC, a Morgan who needed to stop twisting the hem of the skirt she was knitting (though a mobeus strip skirt would be kinda cool), tasty pasta and generally good times and vibes for one and all.

it was a good weekend, and now we’ll just have to get through the week until the next one!

hey – wanna see a cute picture of a puppy? You’ll have to click on it – but it’s worth it!!

Blue would want you to –

don’t make her sad.


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”