12:15pm last day of february…

12:15pm last day of february…

still not sure what to do when it says 68/71 degrees out at 10:05 on my drive into work. Really? 70? um, ok. Guess I’ll just work with it.

I’m finding that the time I spend solo commuting tends to be some ‘deep’ thinking time – such as my two new favorite acronyms I crafted this morning on the way in (or was it the heat?)
MBN – for ‘must be nice’
WAYAFM – what are you, a fucking moron? Might also restate that as wruafm?

I’ve had a good month of hearting myself, though not with any incredible epiphany. I think I’ll continue my personal mindfulness with a “me my march” tomorrow – I’ve expressed a desire to only be doing the things I need to be doing, and worrying not at all about those around me. You might see me NOT asking if the temp’s ok, or if someone needs a coat. Feel free to ask ME about things, and I know I’ll continue to be a ‘good’ person, but really – I have soooo much shit to work on, I need to get to it.

’cause I just witnessed the amazing awesomeness of a focused effort by Boo and Morgan. Sheer terror was circumvented so that the universe could be humbled for an evening by the shining stars in my life. So, who knows what I’ll be like at the end of March – more glittery perhaps? Not that that’s what I’m hoping for. Hoping to have my shit sifted and minimized, the fence painted, the landscaping not ‘free-form jungle’ inspired, really enjoying the shit out of biking here and there.

Hope we get back to Raleigh and the museum –

And since it’ll be spring, I can almost be certain that we’ll have smores again!

And firepit fires!

And just so ya know, Blue kinda digs the new warming too – she loves to sun dog!

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