Ma never surfed …

Ma never surfed …

fret not, probably won’t go past the surf zone…

Wonder why? Wonder what her favorite cake / ice-cream flavor combo was? Wonder what I would have gotten her (besides a phone call…) this year – a nook? can you do Sudoku on an e-reader?

Celebrate the good days, the good reasons – cake AND ice cream, fuck yeah! Push the haze aside, dig into the memories (no possibility of photographic proof … sigh) – Mom’s birthday – beginning of June – huh. got nothing.

It’s an odd week – we think of those not with us, not here anymore. In mere minutes I will get to refocus on the one I’ve worked hard to keep close, to keep happy, to keep loved – pondered how the hell that came to be over the past few days, the minutes beneath the haze of a burn-pile of past crap going up in embers on a warm spring evening, wonders of photos – so many damn photos – to make me wonder and question how we got here – how come … not that I’m looking for an answer; more an assurance that it’s real, it’s ok, it’s all gonna work out just fine.

so yeah … I’ll keep looking at pics, keep thinking of missed loved ones, keep recalling the smiles and laughs – what else can I do?


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

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