Oddly, a second post in January … on friends and loss and sadness and hope.

Oddly, a second post in January … on friends and loss and sadness and hope.

Quincy ready for a road trip
Oh the adventures we’ve all had Quinc-i-nator. You will be missed… Dec, Quince, Boo at LexHaus/Hollywood circa Mar ’07

Yesterday was a good day for me. Then it became a sad day for me, when Boo told me that our friend Declan had to say goodbye to his beloved pup Quincy over the weekend.

Damn …

Quincy loves trucks...
why hello there you beautiful creature you … Quincy in Dec’s truck circa Feb 2007

Quincy … how do you describe the love of a pup?
How do you describe the love you have for the soul that helped you learn to love another, to love better? Damn …

Quincy and Blue
Quincy & Blue, LexHaus/Hollywood, circa Feb ’07

Miss you guys, as I have for years now.
Hope ya know you made me a better person. Hope is often found at the end of a leash, or against your leg, or in your lap. With the two above, hope often showed up in the amount of wet hair about their heads and faces – the fun they had.

Sadness, loss, friends, time … and it builds upon the hope that in your life – in my life – we will have those who can make us look up during the darkness, to think about the good things when there are too many bad things. Those agents of love who make you think ‘wow – I can own a dog’ and because of that you think ‘wow – I can get behind this whole you, me and the pups make three (or four) thing’ which leads to a new years long ago when Boo said ‘yes’ … and with no knowledge of how it would turn out, we grabbed the leashes, held hands and boldly walked forward.

Quincy was an immensely important part of that part of my life, my transition from me to us – and I am grateful I had a fun, kind, gentle guide during that time.

That experience allows me to know that there is hope, and with hope amazing things can happen.

{wow … John – thanks. on KEXP as I edited this post to add notes on hope – “Sigur Rós / Med Sud I Eyrum / Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum ’cause The Morning Show with John Richards – I’m sure it’s coincidence. I’m sure Quincy would like the tune..}

To Dec & Beth & all who loved the Quincy, all my love.

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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

{8:31am + 5 Jan 2016 = Tuesday morning || KEXP plays Margo Price / Desperate and Depressed /
Midwest Farmer’s Daughter ’cause of the Variety Mix with Hans show}