Community – it’s where you live your life, even in April

Community – it’s where you live your life, even in April

a blue canvas + earthly growth

//2:24p+18Dec2019=Wednesday afternoon || CGP & Mike discuss … gratitude journaling and the poseurs who are changing their lives!//

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so here we are … making more posts. probably should read these before I push ‘Publish’ eh?

well. dense is a description of what’s below. sigh. ::s::


paraphrased – ‘a common blood, mysterious and clear’ – tears. Good sir Mark (Nepo) speaks of the ‘whole’ – and to the extent that the maxim ‘if you cut me, do I not bleed?’ is still true then I concur that we are all one.

the challenge – the pain – comes from pondering the closeness even when presented with the chasm of specific direct actions/beliefs of those whom I’d not piss on if they were aflame. What’s up with that? Do I make it to the better person level with just more time? With more exposure to others and experience with the metamorphosis that IS life?

I take to occasionally trying to challenge my preconceptions – say if the claim ‘gay love is sin’ – ok. What is it that’s sin? where I see two humans living their lives could I be incorrect? Do they live with a nefarious, conspiracy of stealing our children? I just don’t see it.

Now what I can understand – what I believe – is that we all have a journey to make. Yesterday in a fairly connecting discussion with a buddy of mine we hit upon his family narrative when there was that time his Mom stepped out from church service and in time was found down the road a bit standing on a bridge.

Feel that? That … pang? The note that’s off. Yeah… that’s an adult thing, a place you can shift towards because … well, you’ve lived.

My buddy was 6 at the time and recalls that his dad explained that she was just taking in the beautiful view. I imagine he perhaps was distracted with new/extra toys, or a visit to Grandma’s house that evening, while his mom and dad discussed things.

I’m sure that happened on Moseley Street, I just never noticed.

My buddy spoke with his mom recently and she shared that it was more her desire/belief that she could fly that had her standing on the bridge; not really better, but closer to real, eh?


//10:05a+2Apr2019 – Tuesday morning, MI, Durham, NC, USA || U2’s Red Hill Mining Town plays on keXp’s John In the Morning show//

10:02 AM – Red Hill Mining Town – U2 – The Joshua Tree – 1987 – Island
DJ Comments:
The focus of the song is on the National Union of Mineworkers’ 1984 strike in Great Britain that occurred in response to the National Coal Board’s campaign to close uneconomic mines. In an interview, Bono talked about not performing this song live: “I used to write songs that I couldn’t sing. And sometimes that was OK because the strains of the notes I couldn’t reach was part of the drama, but occasionally they would really just wreck the next show,” he said. “So I just left ‘Red Hill Mining Town’ off. But since then, I sing a bit better — or at least I’ve learned how to sing.”


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