above the trees

“it’s not dark yet / but it’s getting there” sings Bob over the closing credits.

what was it for? – a timeless question on the actions of the American gov’t and those who steer our course.

Of having pride – and of having shame. A proud man can have shame too.

‘strangers showed up with food, and the kids slept in the gym at the school’ – well how fucking great are we now?

A reminder, perhaps, of what is in their heart – what will be the reminder of what was in my heart, though?

such a great day

I guess that can work.

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| Respice ad diem hanc |

“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”


//02:12a+9Aug2019= early on a Friday, feeling the feels || levon helms ‘wide river to cross’ at the funeral scene of The Last Flag Flying//

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