August 17th, again

August 17th, again

my no-fomo shortcut

A morning brimming with potential & hope. Where oh where will it take me?

My selection of tunes this morning has my mind thinking hope filled things. Take ‘Right Here, Right Now’ – Jesus Jones, c. ’90, fall. The Wherehouse, Sunnyvale. An idea to the seismic shift at the turn of the decade, at the end of the century, millennia (whoa – it just dawned on me the millennia point. Huh, how fucking clueless have you been Wallace?) – funny how we attach import to numbers – say 1990 vs. 2020 – but the truth could become how we broke the broken system, cast down the heinous commandments of capitalism – Greed Is Good, Take All That I Can Get my Hands On, Better I Have It Than You, and as my 3 year old has started chanting ‘Mine Mine Mine MINE!!!!’ – and embraces a higher version of humanity wherein we co-operated to make this an amazing world of good & plenty – of bigger tables, fuller hearts, and a global family that celebrates our miraculously awesome existence. We live a precarious and precious moment in the blink of cosmic timekeeping – the color of skin is the issue? The side of an imaginary line on the ground? The intricate difference of the teaching of love that defines the religion you do not heed nor follow anyways? Really? This is the best we can do?

//’No Woman, No Cry’ as covered by the Fugees, speaking truth that I am wholly ignorant of, yet hopefully not apathetic to//

Marked July 2011 – what a different time it was, eh?

What if it were all different today, all the weight of the past brushed off our shoulders & souls? How would I lead my life, how would I honor this soul I have? Good questions, eh? Vs. do I ensure so as to ensure a chance that insurance will be there in case we need it? Ah the American dream… Perhaps it’s time to wake up?

my fomo longcut – though I see it’s not really much longer but still…

a storm blew through, rain rain rain. then a pretty pretty sunset – as it should. Also first day of school for some. Wow. Sadly my morning thoughts didn’t quite make it past lunch, so a) it’s good that I wrote them down, and b) I’ll have to revisit soon.

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//7:09a+17Aug20 = Monday, early || “Simple Man” covered by Shinedown//

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