Can’t doubt his dedication to Tumble Motion, even in February

Can’t doubt his dedication to Tumble Motion, even in February

//08:05 + 04Feb2021 = Thursday morn, crisp, sunny || ‘Call Your Mom’ by Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, on keXp, Early, with Gabriel Teodros//

Watched Chaos Theory (2008) last night, part of my Ryan Reynolds Retrospective I’ve dabbled in (DP2 (2018), Safe House (2012), Chaos…) – decently amusing though a tad contrived in parts. Alas I am pretty sure the best takeaway from that is ‘life is messy’ – fine wise words to all of us.

/10:58a – ‘Favor’ from Julien Baker plays on g.s. John’s Morning show on keXp; from my mindful tea pursuit a comment or two: “Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” ~ Bob Marley & “Every now and then bite off more than you can chew” ~ Kobi Yamada. I’ll accept both of those suggestions.

did some ‘house work’ that might make my space a better place to kill … um, all the hours. but boy does drilling into walls come with some anxiousness – yay big Pharma!! oh, wait – that’s right, now I can nap. so easy. no worries. yay big pharmzzzzzzznnnnpppphh

apparently – Sunset and Wilcox; hope they have some cheap tickets. c. Jan ’06, La-La-town

In my perusal of pictures from days past I often find myself fondly recalling my times in other places. How do you engage the ‘happy feels’ center for a place you haven’t left from?

/2:11p – ‘Welcome Home’ cover of Radical Face by Marcel Staats – nice. || well, here’s a cover by Bronson Island which is … well – wow.

so getting my corner a bit arranged is a nice change. sammy and some pretzels for crucnh

our big country gets fairly empty in spots, doubly so in seasons in those spots. c. Jan ’01, Arches NP town

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