it’s thursday – time for a recap…

it’s thursday – time for a recap…

July 26th, 2001
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26Jul01 + 10:14pm PDT = Thursday

Well. Let’s see – did Baja Fresh for dinner, had a pleasant stroll around the block with Alicia, and I’ve been downloading too much cool music – The Pixies, Crash Test Dummies, acoustic Neil Young. Cool. Now all I need to do is mix up a nice batch and burn to CD – but should I burn as WAV files? or as MP3? Oh, the joy of a good techno thriller…

Turned 33 earlier this week – Monday. July 23. wow. big thanks to mi amigos Susie and Mike who, along with Alicia, enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Samuri Sushi – very tasty fishys, and VERY tasty Green Tea Ice Cream!! And a big “thanks” to everyone who sent me a card, or e-mailed me, or called me… it was very very cool – made me feel better. Made me smile and feel lucky to have such good friends.

So, I went a little crazy on the pictures – hope no one’s too annoyed – I do respect that people still have dial up accounts. Sorry if the images are stupidly huge, and don’t load well. I keep plugging along. Did have fun putting together the Beach albumns – Adam’s Collection and Alex’s Collection. Both times I took friends to the beach and had a great time.

Adam and I went first – a few weeks back when Adam escaped from San Diego for a weekend getaway. We walked along the boardwalk, hit the beach a bit and went pretty far. There were all sorts of freaky bicycles – one dude had taken two mountain bikes, and welded one on top of the other – so his seat was twice the height off the ground – like a double decker mountain bike – it left me with the perception of an old time big wheeled bike. Just wondered this – how did he get off the bike? at a stop? huh…

anyway, Adam and I wandered out to this large gathering out on the beach as we headed back towards Venice Beach from Santa Monica. Well… check it out if you want to see the pics {{beach/adamcollection.html}}. A few weeks later, Alex and I visited Venice on a Sunday, and there was the drum circle. It’s just really hard to describe how cool it was – how it was just a group of people showing up and playing drums. People could dance in the middle of the circle, and random people showed up, unpacked their bongos, and joined in the communal rhythm. Way cool. A free-form jam of beats, under the sun, next to the ocean’s roar. Hypnotic and mesmerizing. Very cool. Come visit on a weekend, and we’ll see if they’re still out there.

I’ve been hanging out at , DC’s Coolest ex-BBS, now cool ListServ (all to say – an online bunch of cool people – or at least cool personalities). Gotta dig their Cow logo, eh? They have various rants and topics of discourse – all kinda fun, except when they’re serious. visit them. Enjoy.

Ok. Well, I wanted to say “hello” and get some “news” out. Looks like 33 might be interesting. Just like 32 was. and 31 wasn’t too bad either!

take care of yourself and those around you. and somebody – anybody – sign my guestbook. I feel like no one ever visits this thing!!!
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