reck·on·ing /ˈrek(ə)niNG/

2020 edition

|| 92 : 01 Apr 2020 @13:35 || – of note today, the third Monday, a foolish day if you ask me (ha ha ha – very funny Morgan!) – I feel worried and a little scared. The runs to the store have been terrifying lite; got most of what I wanted, somethings were down to poor options (Lite Sour Cream – why? why on god’s green earth??) – and most everyone’s had a look of shock. Never been to a warzone before so not sure if that’s the thing. Just saw (and didn’t have the heart to click thru and see how actual the piece was) an article showing ‘social distance boxes’ striped onto a Las Vegas parking lot. Noted with that photo was that all the hotels are empty. So, what the fuck. These are not our best days. Chickening is on though. ’til I return, let’s think about how the world can have a better normal. ::s::

|| 84 : 24 Mar 2020 @14:26 ||- of note today, Tuesday I suspect: rice pouring has begun; the wee one is being supped by the teen one; the dog awaits the end of days, or the Amazon delivery peep, atop the sofa cushions – does she feel the pain? who’ll stop the rain? I record the pleas of #keXp from a week or so back, when things were just odd. I forecast strange times ahead, wonderful creations of joy and angst, and that we will get thru by going thru. hold those who are dear to you close, search your heart for forgiveness for those who are neither dear nor close – a worthwhile, if somewhat fruitless pursuit. Look to this day… ::s::

|| 78 : 18 Mar 2020 @14:04 ||- of note today the ‘doorknob’ ladies at work are working hard, those of us here are looking pretty dazed, and luckily the entirety of our out-dated processes are currently showing just how outdated they are. We do NOT have to print to colored paper before scanning and emailing to Finance – they’re going to suffer the ‘white paper is fine’ crisis and persevere! ::s::

|| 77 : 17 Mar 2020 @15:27 || – the cheesy whales are no more – we may perish, sadly. ::ps::

“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country” – some guy in the TGIF van, 1988

So I figure as we enter the brave new world of staying at home with our loved ones, as ‘more, more’ is requested of me, that while I wander to the stash of goldfish to make my son happy that if – by chance – I have a bold idea on how I want the future to change from the challenges we’re surmounting today, I would have a place to put it. So – here it is – all of my best and brightest ideas for the future world to implement!!!

  1. Bidets for all!
  2. Critical response for those who will die without it.
  3. Loving support for those who are going to get thru, come hell or high water!

Of course, if that doesn’t work, perhaps a photo or three will suffice?

music matters – community matters