Look – it’s a 2 AM posting!!!

Look – it’s a 2 AM posting!!!

September 2nd, 2001
Current Mood: tired
02Sep01 + 2:22am = early Sunday

‘Ello, wabbit. As I like to say once in a while.

Hey – check it out – A new T.A.W.S.(&a!) {{taws/taws026.html}} for your reading enjoyment.

I also had a great day up on the Mountain – went riding motos with Mikie, then went for a bit of a hike by myself. All quite splendid!!

got a bazillion pics to hack and post – such as pics from Alicia’s latest show – Free Sex – the Gala Opening (and the results of said Gala-ing!); Chris Bailey’s visit; my ride and hike from today.

Wow. Lots to do – good thing it’s a holiday weekend, eh?

Ciao, – still, very tiredly…
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