damn …

damn …

September 12th, 2001
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12Sep01 + 6:28am = Wednesday

oh my god.
oh my god.
I finally cried. The news that 6 survivors had been taken from the rubble. I have been watching tv for about 24 hours now. Ma called at 7 yesterday morning – I tackled garfield’s incessant bleating (smiting him on the nose…) and alicia grabbed the phone.
Her face showed that it was grave, and I pondered who it could be…
“we’ve been attacked” was what she said, handing me the phone. It was my mom, saying the world trade center and the pentagon had been hit by terrorists…

our lives changed that moment… oh the pointless, yet oh so true cliche – “it will never be the same”

I had spent Monday night at home, saving pictures of Honda’s new motorcycle models. Sunday I was frazzled by a 4.2 earthquake that had alicia and I grabbing our computer monitors, staring shocked at each other, and saying “what the hell was that?” – she thought an explosion, I thought it was a truck backing into a support pole in our parking garage… I told melissa on the phone “we’re having an earthquake…” Only a few things fell over on our shelves, but I still fled the apartment, and alicia claims I ran into the street screaming like a little girl
tuesday changed my world view… and I’m pissed… and scared. How the fuck are you?
“they physically came in and took the equipment out of our hands … to make us leave” richard parish, mass. firefighter, drove in after hearing the second plane hit… hadn’t heard the number – 300+ missing…

I didn’t want to go to sleep, cause I didn’t want to wake up to anything like this… but there’s hope in the 6 who survived. How about the folks on the flight that crashed into pennsylvania – one called his wife/mom, said “i love you – i’m gonna try to stop a hijacking…” – fuck you bruce willis, you kept walking out of the rubble of the building the plain hit carrying a small child and having a cute girl meet you at the ambulance to sponge you single pathetic flesh wound on your forehead. FUCK YOU. Heroes… going where angels fear to tread… my god keep them save… and treat them well. may this pass too, with time.
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