Wow – only Saturday!

Wow – only Saturday!

November 29th, 2003
Current Mood: thankful
Current Music:Sinead O’connor – The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (live)
So, the girl shows me some nifty things re: LiveJournal Land! Like the Semagic client, the syndicate listings (Calvin and Hobbes – oh so happy I am!) and I run right out and get the semagic thing and am gonna throw myself into the journaling act ’cause I’m so not updating my site like I should (pictures, of course. but few words.)

But how long will this last? What worth is it to my life to be able to pling out a few sentances, or a link or three? Don’t know. I do know that has kept Terry happy with Tivo, and it seems like a value packed investment; but don’t we want a house? ok. but will $50 a month help or hurt? Questions.. .that’s what this damn forum is gonna end being. Like the pooping fields of our yard, so go the entries of our lives… livejournal, that is!

And yes holly. Cryptic and wierd. That’s me!! But I’m surely looking forward to spending time chilling with you and the Man. Oh happy days, I can’t wait.

Yippee! my first entry of today. And if Eric reads this – my entire life has led up to this moment!