no where close to 10:30…

no where close to 10:30…

September 24th, 2004
Current Mood:exanimate – ??
Spoke with Melissa today – still working on the Pizza joint thing. Got her duplication equipment, so 307knoxrecords is on its way!!!

Northern Exposure – god I dig that show. I’ve got to see if there’s a compendium of Chris in the Morning’s musings – he’s always talking about good books and philosophy that resonates with me.

Automobile mag has an article on ‘the 100 coolest cars’ – definitely agree with most, and now want to finish MY list of my 50 dream cars…

Friday. lots of physical work this week… and driving around. and moving. furious running around, sometimes out til wee hours of the morning. Yay.

I think I need to either do this on a regular basis – every morning at 6, or just relax a bit and enjoy the power of one click publishing. weeeee….