“just because you’re going forwards doesn’t mean I’m going backwards”

“just because you’re going forwards doesn’t mean I’m going backwards”

October 6th, 2004
Current Mood:thirsty
Current Music:the Gold Rush” by Flaming Lips
Ever turn your head just a bit, and realize things are pretty good? Just got back from having coffee with Bart. Good man, Bart is. Got to pet Stella and Clive, see pics and vids of the pups in action, generally a nice time.

I’m home, about to run out again – trying to keep things moving, with possibilities all around.

I listen to Billy B. – just because. Makes me lift my head up just a bit.Makes me want to shot into a mic, on stage somewhere…
Melissa rings me and says “hey – decorating my office here in Durham. All I’ve got is the Invader Zim postcard you left us…” – too cool.

‘The Price of Oil’ – proof that bards and minstrels are every bit as of important as the buffoons who claim to ‘lead’ us.

I’ve got on the TiVo an episode of Norther Exposure. “heroes” – it ends with a eulogy that touches upon how limited our actual interaction with heroes is. How most of us don’t have a hero that was real, and part of our lives. Who’s your hero? It also included the launching of a casket via a trebuchet – The Fling.

wow – just lines of bits o’ thought. But I HAVE been thinking about these things, so I guess it’s an acceptable entry. Who knows. I think I’ll put some time into creating some guidelines for Tom on his moto quest.

Heroes. Anti-heroes. Villains. The rest of us…