very early Friday morning…

very early Friday morning…

December 3rd, 2004
Current Mood:awake
Current Music:KROQ morning show
blue is ready to play, and can’t figure out why I am not…

a galss of water helps quench my thirst, after last night’s glass of Bacardia and Diet Coke… out of my new fancy ‘Northern Exposure’ glass!

It’s only 63 degrees in the living room. downright chilly. Randy and Toni Ann have to suffer with highs near 80, but lows in the similar 60s – do hope they had a nice flight, and a comfy evening with the boys on their airbed. To Florida they must go, to have new adventures and fun with their pond ‘gators!

Did I mention how much I loved getting to visit Blood in Seattle? Well, damn it was a great time. The whole ‘time flies’ mantra becomes more apparent as the years go by, and I can’t believe that most of a week has gone by with out me saying how cool my trip was. I suck. Blood and Bob have a great home. You should visit.
Here’s a quick and dirty rundown –
Saturday is travel and drinks in Georgetown at 9 Pound Hammer before pizza at Stellas
Sunday is Ballard’s Farmer Market and shopping at Archies after a tasty brunch made by Blood and Bob
Monday Alicia was awesome as we Toyota’d out to Roslyn, WA and allowed me to enjoy my NX delusions, and we hit Snoqualmie Falls on the way back to Seattle
Tuesday we started in on our City Pass fun with a day at the aquarium, then a boat tour, then Blood caught up with us at Pike Place Market. The Incredibles were certainly that!
Wednesday we enjoyed the Space Needle (the pointy thingy, as Alicia called it), Science Museum and a short visit to the College Inn Pub – Yay!!
Thursday the joys of Turkey Celebration, though first we went to the Zoo, which had few children and was great. Beth and Dan joined us for a delicious dinner and then we napped!
Friday saw some light thrifting, and a stroll about Fremont. Dinner at the Jolly Roger didn’t get a replacement tee (yet!), but I do have a new fun pirate shirt – Yay!
Saturday we had to leave too early, and wow – we did so much more than what I wrote; our days were packed, and our nights were amazingly warm with downy goodness!
Did I mention how we landed in Burbank with about 100 feet visibility and rain? Blech – welcome to sunny Cali my ass! A fast trip to Fry’s for Alicia’s WoW need made her happy, and we’ll always be in debted to Declan the Great for treating our puppies to happy goodness and love while we were away. Yay Declan!!! (and quincy!!!)
And so now we are here. A week later. Too many nights at the Academy. Alicia leveled in Ninja class last night – yay Alicia!! The travails with mi Amigo make me a bit sad, but at least I walk to work.

And there you go. A snip of my life. Pics are, of course, forthcoming, but highlights are at ttocsland so peruse and enjoy.

December 3rd already. Damn.

Peace and happiness, my friends