For the record….

For the record….

April 5th, 2005
Current Mood:curious
Current Music:song birds…
…if this great state of ours happens to go slipping into the ocean tonight – Canela, wonder-pup that she is, was the first to know, and tried desperately to warn us. By jumping into bed. And walking across our backs. TWICE!!! at, oh, 1:30 or so. So I got up.
She is very very perky.
We went for a walk.
All the way down the typical path. She was moving at full ears back speed.

Uh, between that and the tree full of birds outside chirping away… and Canela being under Alicia’s wonderful little side table right next to me as I type this….
minor concern. That’s all.

It could also be the two pieces of roast beast I laid over her typical dinner meal of dry crunchy food with cheese sprinkles – and frankly if this is what I get for being that nice, I’m gonna stop.

but really, Canela is soooo soooo sweet. She’s just not really a ‘hey – it’s dark – I’m gonna do laps in the house!’ – and as far as I know we don’t own any puppy diet pills.

So, I’m just saying. she’s great. she’s got bad breath. she’s not the kind of pup who jumps up and down the furniture for sport – we call that dog Blue.

If I’m swimming in the ocean soon, again, way to be on top of the earth shaking news, wonder-pup.