Livin’, learnin’, having fun!

Livin’, learnin’, having fun!

April 13th, 2005
So, as I expressed to my most wonderful earlier, I feel as if I’ve finally walked up to a door with the commitment to kick it in if need be, ’cause I have to get through it.

Turns out the doors’ unlocked – come on in.

And with the click of a button, some general foolin’ around, it seems that I can append ‘website administrator’ to my resume of interesting jobs, since I’ve figured out how to make guestbooks, forums, image galleries and blogs show up on webspace I pay for! Yippee Scott!

But – don’t you have pictures and words over at ttocsland? Well, yes. Yes I do. But you see, I figured I’d have to get all linux’y and command line crazy to grp and d/ (?) my way into ‘cyberspace’ where upon I’d have massive ways to do other things. Turns out that I don’t even have to know what php stands for – I just have to select a program via a web page, click install, and remember to jot down the logon/password combo! Weeeee…..

Which leads me to my only stumbling block of the morning – why, oh why do blogging software disavow any dates prior to Dec 31, 1969? What alien invasion conspiracy states ‘don’t go there, it doesn’t exist’? I have this dream – it’s not too crazy, I think – that my blog might just start on a certain July day, c. 1968. LJ starts in 1970, WorpPress/Nucleus/B2Revolution/pMachine all say 1969. WTF!!!

Any answers would be appreciated, and any ability to get just 18 months earlier would be smashing!

And I’m tripping to the homeland come end of the month, for those who care. Boo will need extra pets and kindness from her peeps to get through the week.