A very decent day…

A very decent day…

May 26th, 2005
Current Mood:awake
From the IFC – Hank says “Do not cave into this kind of battering ram of advertising, this assault on the senses, this belittling of your intellect. This is the movie industry choosing us for their demographic instead of us choosing them for entertainment!” Apparently he’s taken umbrage with the life-size Darth Vader cutout that was pimping Cheese-Its at the local market. I concur – R2D2 should NOT be the spokes-bot for anything SQUARE!!!!!

As I type this, my hands ache with the ouches you get from a day of real work – thanks to the need to strike a set and that particular set having 30 foot tall posts. We used a rope and pulley, lots of circular saw cuts, lots of unscrewing of brackets. Weeee…. barked my shin yesterday, kinda ripped up my hand today. Tomorrow, who knows – more power tool use over at Marty and Kates, hopefully I finish the weekend with all my digits!

School tonight had me doing an interview for video – a nice gentle chat with Taj, a 16 year-old fellow student, who’s day school is a arts high school. Asked him about Iraq – didn’t really have a strong feeling about it; a neighbor’s husband was there – had chatted a bit with him. When I asked if he’d go if called up, he said ‘hell no’ – think that would have been a follow question, but ran out of time!

Well, there we go.

Thought I’d write a little.