And now, a final song for the audience…

And now, a final song for the audience…

June 12th, 2005
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‘Tis the song of heartbreak, the sound of tears falling, the echo of memories….

From a Journalism paper I wrote:
“One of Boo’s first visits to live theater in the Los Angeles area was at the request of her friend, Mandy, who was attending the University of California, Irvine. A showcase (a collection of scenes, for audition-like review by people ‘in the business’) was being held in Hollywood, and Mandy asked her to attend. It was at a small theater in Hollywood. Glad to support a friend trying to break into theater, She enjoyed the evening.

Jess, another friend, wanted to see a Hollywood production of a show she had been cast in in San Diego, and asked Boo to go. They wandered over to an oddly familiar small theater in Hollywood. Another good night of live entertainment was enjoyed by all.

Out of the blue a few months later Boo received a phone call asking if she was interested in stepping into a show already in rehearsal to replace the stage manager who wasn’t working out. Mia knew that Boo had been a SM in college, and interested, she saw the closing night performance of Wooden Breeks, at a small theater in Hollywood – the Open Fist Theater, same as the two previous live theater shows she had enjoyed.

Thus was the introduction of Boo to the concept of 99-seat, Equity Waiver Contract theater in Los Angeles. It’s an arrangement that allows professional quality theater without the expense of union wages, as long as the ‘house’ of the theater seats less than 99 people. “

Tonight, with a modicum of fanfare, the Three Penny Opera had it’s final show at the Fist. We attended, cause we hadn’t seen the show yet, plus it was the final show for the space that is the Fist.

I’m not going to be able to do justice in describing how much the Fist affected our lives – or mine, even. Suffice it to say that theater is magic. And eveyone needs a little magic in their lives. I’m glad to have been able to enjoy the show, and I look forward to seeing more of the people where ever they may shine.