holidays slide away…

holidays slide away…

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snowed today – made the world look and feel better.
stayed up chatting with dave… until 6 this morning – quite good.

Christmas eve we lasagna’d with mom – Mark, Dave and Shari, Justin and myself. Delicious food, good deserts, and enjoyable present unwrapping!
Headed home to 1 Trinity to do some beer drinking… I was up til 3 or so with some wrapping and picturing taking.
Up about 9:30 – ‘Santa Claus was here! Santa Claus was here!’ I exclaimed… shari and dave just looked at me over their coffee cups, and smiled, as if a small, special needs child had suddenly discovered his foot!

Gifts exchanged, chocolates stockpiled, I trundled off to pick up mom. Here enthusiasm was stunning. If only they didn’t park under the awning! Dinner was again delicious – Justin mashed potatoes, we had turkey AND ham! I ate carrots…
Same crew – Mark, Dave, Shari, Justin, Mom and myself. different locale

Took mom home – again, the christmas cheer was overflowing. Rolled up to the Humphreys’ Estate – Howdy Ma H, Aunt Mo, Kimmy and Thad, Matt and Amy, Amy’s folks. Cheer and a new old pup, and a gift from matt – all good things. Didn’t stay long, and rolled off to see my dad, chatting with Wendy along the way.

dad was doing well, as were his kids, Andrew the magician, Ryan the Cassanova and his wife Carol. Uncle Don from Idaho rang, and I got to chat with him for the first time ever – not too long, and then I communed with the boys in the kitchen. Why was there a half finished bowl of cranberry jelly on the table? I do not know!

All good things – such as learning my dad snowblows a path/walkway around his house – why, per chance? to assist any firefighters who might need to help – way to go dad!!! Also that he learned spanish from the Panamanian girls at the ‘Club House’ on base – not a bar, he explained, but the social hub. If the GIs didn’t pick up spanish, the girls would stop talking to them!

We spoke of his dad, and the times around the bad times with Uncle Tom. The boys had issues with the phrase “Position number one”. On the way home, a radio show “flashback” pulled up movie references and songs from 1984 – Boys of Summer from Henley, Panama from the wild boys in Van Halen. Wow. Gots to look into that year – for those songs pushed buttons on the memory machine.

I arrived back in Yorkville around 11, and started to drink LaBatts Blue. Kept drinking them till about 3, when shari and justin bailed, and as I wrote at the top, chatted with Dave until 6 am. good times. Scary, but good.

incomplete, but a start.