“insufficient punctuation but a great deal of glee”

“insufficient punctuation but a great deal of glee”

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Is that not the best title? Sadly, not an original – shout out to the amazing Mark Morford at SFgate.com (under columnists) – most often a refreshing voice in the forest.

So I biked into work again today – it’s really good to be moving at the speed of spokes… call it 10mph and about right. All those days all those days ago when I’d think nothing of rolling out to Matt’s, or to Rome/Delta – wow…

Guess I need to write more, but really – the title is so cool.
Ok – here I’ll keep notes on what I carry and if it’s useful.
In the black backpac I brought LT2, discs from Blood and MnMnZ – good music and pics on both!!! (all three?)
Working a bit with Media Center – is it odd to have both Win Media center AND Dell’s MediaDirect functionality? all I know is that I’ve pushed 800 tracks to ‘My Music’ folder, and then had to tell Creative about it, and then Windows Medica Center, and then Dell’s MediaDirect – as long as they’re all just keeping databases of it – cool. If I catch any copying going on (are you listening iTunes???) well then – we’ll just have to have a talk!

Notes on LT2 – doesn’t get warm to the touch – wow – how cool is that?(ugh – bad bad pun) Think the 14.1 widescreen works nicely – wonder if the 12″ screens work as nicely – ultimately looking for smaller portable… keep looking scott, keep looking.

On a totally unrelated note, apple corers. More than one type, did you know?

the screen has a bit too much framing for my like – top and bottom, though matched, are too thick – sides are tolerable. and where the hell is the LED light to keep the keyboard visable? or a lighted keyboard? eh?

Another quote from Morford:
“It will be for a wider, and stranger, assortment of blissed-out intellectual misfits and attuned perverts with decent taste in cookware and shoes. “

English – you have to love the words in this language!

‘… the price of a good _mocha.” – I pondered the other day how long it’s been since I took up the spirits – the night was eventful – a dark beer – elephants head? – at a bar called dicks or daves in SF; followed by a _mocha coffee at the city lights bookstore (where the beat poets used to hang) – shoot me if the names are off, but it’s what I recall. Was a birthday, but I had spent 14 hours at the Moscone, totally overwhelmed by the joys of being the remote office for an association. Jen was with me – ugh, what was his name?

Ok – denver was 93, right?
Atlanta – 94?
Anaheim – 95?
SF – 96? ugh – not possible…
hmmm – what if the web held the answer??

why – let’s see –
Special issue: The 9th International Congress of Immunology. San Francisco, California, 23-29 July 1995
sounds about right, now doesn’t it? I believe that’s where we had a doctor speak of the concerns of TB over AIDS, both of grave concern then and now.

Ok, so it’ll be 11 years of imbibing – oh these fabulous years – of course, the fact that I forgot the 10th anniv last year means… nothing? Something? Hmmm….

And again, I’m not making this stuff up:
“We are all crazy bubbling lasagnas of potential psychotrembling meltdown.”
Morford is good – real good!

Greg’s garage finished it’s run after 3 years – wow – sad. I knew Nascar TV, er, Speed wasn’t happy when they took the only hour long show on bikes on tv and turned it into a half hour show. Well, greg’s off to do more good stuff, and the show that took the timeslot is called superbikes. seems to be a decent show, from the first one. A “high-energy motorcycle lifestyle show”, so says speed’s website. Rossi Morreale is the new host…

Made me compare and contrast Greg’s white-bread take on things, sponsored by Honda and Suzuki, and take note of the urban, under-ground, rebel streetfighter attitude being pumped out by the new show.

Compare and contrast the ‘be prepared’ boyscout bullshit to the ‘hey – what happens when i do this’ attitude I tend not to have. Goes along with the whole ‘player’ thing – I dig the cars that run in the Gumball 3000, but even if Declan and I figure out a way to get into the race, will I really be enjoying all there is to enjoy in a multi-country road rally that attracts the like of Rodman, tree-dwelling female celebrity…ACTORS: — Bam Margera – “Viva La Bam”; Ryan Dunn –

“Jackass”; Martine McCutcheon – “Love
Actually”; Matt Schultze – “The Fast & The
MUSICIANS: — Vince Neil; Travis Barker; Pink; Snoop Dogg
ATHLETES: — Tony Hawk; Carey Hart; Mike Vallely;
“Rooftop” Escamilla
MORE: — Maximillion Cooper, 33-year-old Gumball
founder & CEO

Like – if I ended up there, and enjoyed the atmosphere… where would I say ‘er – no’ – cause I always say no. Hmmm….

Cliff’s Edge, silverlake

Ok. quite the rambling entry – but it’s the first of July, so there you go.
half way thru 2006 – not to shabby!!


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