Sept. wha????? wow…

Sept. wha????? wow…

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time flies when you’re having fun!!

Let’s see – as ever, working backwards… Monday – school – weee – debate class where I show up 5 minutes late and still have more ‘presence’ than most; I just don’t get it – or I do, where I have the years of experience and the class is a ‘new’ way of thinking for the young and inexperienced. Doh years of experience!

All was quiet in the newsroom, which bodes poorly for a quick escape tomorrow.
L. proved her … um… shallowness? Finds the idea of homosexuality utterly disgusting, and is engaged to a homophobic boy who had to keep the seats reserved on either side of him when they were out of town at a hairdresser’s convention.
Odd – didn’t realize such narrow minded individuals could actually thrive in SoCal. What impresses me the most is how they seemed to settle with each other.
Again… odd.
Handling the paper challenge well, I believe – sad that there’s not more excitement by others, frustrated by the lack of quantity of stories – but how do you get blood from a stone?

Ran home to get then run to get the mail and spend $$; Jetta-mino acted up and didn’t want to start at the post office – goes with my newish Cammy taking a ‘time out due to being busted’ last week. (insert sad face here)

Nibbled on drive thru, took a nap; boo woke me up in time for her to head to bed, and as I went to rinse our back stoop, the hose nozzle up and busted. wet scotty at 11:45 at night – weee….
Yeah, some days I do think the objects have it out for me!

Sunday (yesterday) – off to work, skipped out kinda early cause Boo had jumped at the chance to hang out with the Carrie and Nate Dogg at…
the hollywood bowl so that we could see…

Massive Attack, along with TV on the Radio.

In the nearly 9 years I’ve been here, never before have I made it to the bowl. Think that’s gonna change real quick – it’s the kind of venue where you bring your picnic baskets, and a cushion for the seats, and the people behind you offer you a beer if you happen to help them with an easily accessible bottle opener, and where it’s under the open sky and it’s all wonderful… and then the bands start to play, and it just gets better.

Massive Attack was just stunning – they had this awesome lightshow -I so badly want to rent the light rig!!! TV on the Radio was really good too – I’ll have to listen to them a bit more…

Saturday was just a work day, and Friday was a rest day – believe I was doing my Dreamweaver homework.
Thursday … um, wait – oh yeah – caught Crank on Saturday night. Fun popcorn movie.

Thursday I ended up attending the college’s Inter-Club Council meeting – there goes but for the grace of god two hours of my life I’ll never get back. Wow. WOW.
Imagine bureaucracy for College Freshmen, then throw in a healthy amount of what I like to call bureaucracy theater – you know, where there are people who call on Robert’s Rules of Order because they can, but the rest of us are left to ponder exactly what happened, and then an outsider has to step in a interpret for those who are not lawyers. All quite… painful. Just so that we can have a club to call our own.

Valuable lessons taught? Yes. Useful in the real world – definitely. Still painful? You betcha!

Wed – devastated sleep deb, since I hit the sack at 3:30 or so in the morning, made it to my 9:30 class, stuck around and tried to do more newspaper work. Sure that was quality stuff!!!

Tuesday – weee – let’s make a newspaper! Oh the joys – ended up with too many pages, not enough content, and a very long night – out at 1:30 or so! Pretty sure I missed my intersection at Venice and La Brea – you know, the left I needed to head home. Wow, really tired.

Monday – so long ago I have no clue…

the past removed from recollection is what? shadows? a sinkhole you don’t know how deep it is? the past? Hmmm….


Thought I’d type some and share – definitely a highlight was being out with boo and friends at Massive at the Bowl. wow – really awesome. I’ll share some vids once I figure out how to do that nicely – they’re totally unwatchable – but they give an idea of how the scene was set, and how cool it was.


Pleasant dreams of a better tomorrow, mi amigos…


dona nobis pacem