On some Tuesdays…

On some Tuesdays…

Current Mood: excited
Current Music: – Marilyn Manson – Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode Cover)

the future’s so bright, you got’s to wear shades!

and you know, the future’s not too bad looking from where I’m standing. Surprising at it’s swiftness, rushing headlong into our path of steady rut-building – I’m guessing the impact will deliver us to a nice sunny hillside, looking upon the beautiful flowers. But that’s just me. That or psychedelic murals. I can deal with either.

Very nice to chat with the … wow – sis-in-law (!!) this morning – she’s having fun with the Kodak push the button and pics are on the computer – a second push and they’re on the internet; sounds like a consumer usable solution!! I’ll have to share with Shari, since they’re thinking of picking up a digital camera.


Foolish sentences, words combined to hide and illuminate at the same time. Why? Years of practice, years of training, eh MT? Cool.

and to wrap, and acoustic version of ‘Overkill’ by Collin Hay/Men At Work – for you boo…
Especially at night/ I worry over situations/ I know I’ll be alright/ Perhaps it’s just imagination

I can’t get to sleep/ I think about the implications/ Of diving in too deep/ And possibly the complications

Especially at night/ I worry over situations/ I know I’ll be alright/ It’s just overkill

Day after day it reappears/ Night after night my heartbeat shows the fear/ Ghosts appear and fade away … ghosts appear and fade away …”

Hand in Hand, love – hand in hand!!!



dona nobis pacem