clickity clack, tappity tap…

clickity clack, tappity tap…

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I lie against the headboard, front room of my young life’s house.
Sunshine pours in from the east, I try to soak it up knowing that the clouds and the winter greytone will soon dominate.

Sunny and bright – possibly a theme I shall embrace.

Things have gone well with my trek to the east. As I had hoped, I gave my mom a wonderful surprise on Christmas day – though making her cry isn’t exactly what I like to do.

Slightly more impressive for that day was the crafty way I was punk’d by my nephew, whom I had asked to pick me up secretly and allow me to be a surprise to the Upstaters. Nope – a stop on the Thruway for breakfast (he’s such a convincingly pathetic college kid…) turned into one of the few time I’ve ever been speechless. Touche, sir Justin, Touche!

The food’s been fantastic, and it’s challenging to my ‘two bite’ undercurrent philosophy I’m trying to develop. I certainly have come to a challenging location to try that plan out!

The weather’s not too bad, and as the sun blinds me as I type, I won’t complain.

Gina gave the photo’s a once over and expressed certain goodnesses about OurHobbitHouse that makes me feel good. Boo’s brief encounter with a potential wire transfer issue certainly gave the whole transaction some excitement and flavor… no more for me, thanks, I’m full!

Sunday night out of Burbank was pleasantly easy and the folks at the jetBlue counter some of the most helpful in the world. Don’t like leaving Boo, though – that sucks…
My ‘Bright Idea’ about using pharma help to get through travel kinda backfired – apparently a half tab is what I needed to take -the full tab just made me nauseous at 35K feet, though I guess I did lose an hour or two in flight. Seriously, not fun at all.
JFK saw a funky pretzel and hummus collection for a snack, and the delay to get into the air due to someone actually getting on the wrong plane was kinda weird – the lady and her two kids were from out of country, and seemed quite travel weary as they joined the other 30 of us – and the flight to Syracuse was fast and nice; I do love me a window seat, daylight and no clouds, and fairly awake – took lots of pics from 20K feet too!!!!

Justin punks me, I punk mom, dinner is served at Shari’s. I get to share some photos of Boo and I’s wedding, and that seems to make Mom happy.

Tuesday – um… wow the days are blending together!!! Shari was off to work, um, I’m not exactly sure what I did in the daytime – visited with mom, I’m sure. I do believe that MnM swung through, picked up Justin and I and the 4 of us enjoyed Cafe del Buono before hitting the cinemas for the experience that IS Eragon!! Oh, we enjoyed a cup of coffee before the movie.

Wednesday – lunched with Mom, David, MnMnZ, Brenda – Michell’es mom, and had a brief visit with the Matt as he was off to get work done.

Thursday – good day sunshine, and we wait – truly with no power to do anything, I wait to celebrate changes of the year.

And there you go, an update to the life and times of a wandering soul. Check back with me after 1pm or so, Eastern. I might even be happier.


dona nobis pacem