35,000 feet and cruising…

35,000 feet and cruising…

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I’m not sleeping… no no no…
sing your heart out bono… sing. silken sky and buring flak…
So, here I am, on an airplane, again. The sun slips below the horizon behind me, we’re making time to RDU. Wasn’t it just … oct – nov, dec, jan – three months ago that we headed east to help Melissa with her music festival. We arrive, get massages from Melissa of Milo… things were good. Zach liked having us there, Rocket was just 6 months old.

Three months later – no – it couldn’t be… Oct 16, Nov 16, Dec 16, Jan 16 – damn, it is. Three months later and I’ve just done a fast and snugglicious visit to Boo and SoCal, and I’m eastbound to … our house. I’ve got my suits on board, along with my tool belt. Get a good job, start taking care of the house – get boo out STAT!!!!

I love flying – looking down on the lights of some mid west state… from the snowy sunset of SLC, to the rainy and grey arrival in Syracuse on Christmas morning – surprise surprise, eh mr. Justin?
Mom and upstate for Christmastime – Matty was about and I think good time was spent with him; seeing Kimmy and Ma H and Thadius – all quite good.
Mickey rolls me down to RDU on … uh, Jan ??? something – and I put in a quick week – Melissa and Michelle bang my resume into shape, I drive about a bit to get orientated (still so very very lost), get my haircut, eat delicious food and hang with great people.

Caught up with Nancy for a visit to the house – and a look inside – sadly after Matty had headed to Knoxburg; hopefully I can sweetalk him into a visit come Feb. 1, when I can have him stay at my house – that’s a phrase we’ll have to practice practice practice until it makes sense to me!!!

Some things to ponder on flying – my ‘huh, maybe I’ll go home tomorrow’ hunch via lastminute.com got me a 250 roundtrip ticket from RDU to Long Beach on a thursday night – out Fri morning quite early (thanks Melissa), into SLC to wait for a 2 hour delay, and then into Long Beach – where’s my PrimeTime? Yay – they show up, and I ride toward a burning hillside above LA with a retired CHP moto-officer – yay!!

Have to say, having only one bag, wearing sweatpants and a fleece pullover, quite the rockstar travel style – though the seatmate who had just his Dell lappytoppy was a step above my skillset (that was the SLC to LBC leg).

Still trying to get the hang of having the laptop, my cammy, my mp3 player, a book, a pad to write on – some meds, cords to charge things, extra books – my planner, all that into one bag that’s small. More practice perhaps will make it better – I suspect having charging cords at both ends of the flight would help, along with checking most of my stuff, not carrying on. Next time.

So, let’s count the flights this past quarter:
To RDU. To LAX – Oct 06
To SYR. Dec 06
To LBC. To RDU – Jan 07

5 Flights and counting – yay!!!!

+++Random thought/recollection – a Caterham 7 on the 405 south today, while inside a red PrimeTime shuttle van, large pickups and SUVs all about – made my riding motorcylces/lane splitting seem normal!+++

dona nobis pacem