late in the evening… the house all quiet…

late in the evening… the house all quiet…

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blue on her big new bed snores to my right; canela on her fuzzy blue new bed quietly snores to my left… i’m on an air mattress, awaiting tomorrow, when the house becomes more home-y.

my flickr page is getting hits – yay!!! it really seems to be a good way to push pics to the interwebs…

have I mentioned how cool it is working at IBM with a whole big bunch of smart people? I’ll have to ponder the differences between, say Disney Consumer Products peeps and the IBMers – but there is a difference. I’ll ponder that a bit.

Melissa and Kim G are too cool – really good people who are gonna have a Dickens of a time come May… got to help them get the site together and rockin!

So, in clear text, beloved Blood – Boo should be on the road 2Apr for a 2 week road trip thru Zion Nat. Park, then to Denver (howdy Declan & Quincy!). Onwards to Wichita area of Kansas (hey Chris and Dave – something about prairie chickens booming…), jaunting south to Mississippi for a hang with the Family, then up to Knoxburg to see if mickeymatt and buddy are still hanging in solid, then a short 6 hour run to Durham town, to have a hot dog or two at a bulls game!

the truck o’ stuff shows tomorrow (friday am), I go to radio schoolin’ on Saturday with Melissa, and Sunday, Kim G and the Zach-Attack are gonna help me make sure the TROSA moving guys are kept donutted and coffeed. I’ll presume Monday ABF want’s it trailer back – who knows…

so I’ll get about 2 weeks to unpack and arrange the house into a home like beginning for Boo – weeeeeeee….

Oh – Big Lots – all the cheapness of Wal-mart, with none of the crowds, plus (or minus) it’s on the way home. Now, if I just restrict to what can be accomplished on the motobike, we’ll be fine.

Got rained on today rollin’ to work – my gear did it’s job, so I was dry enough. Didn’t chance it for the run home to lunch, so I lunched at the end of the day; how should I have known that the sun would come out and the trip home would be pleasant??

chatted with Blood, mom and Boo tonight – seems Nana is gonna take the sleeper sofa – yay! Poor boo has lots of stuff to deal with still – and I feel bad about that. what can I do, though. good thing she has friends!!!

gotta get some z’s…

dona nobis pacem