Once more from the breech…

Once more from the breech…

August 24th, 2007

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Boo singing a Dickens tune!

hot. humid. huh – summer on the east coast. Thank goodness for Air Conditioning… oh – what’s that? it’s busted? hmmmm…. thank goodness for the kindness of friends – loaned window fans make it sleepable, and an open invitation to the most cooled kitchen on Elgin street makes this past week doable.

Let’s see what Cozy Bear AC repair can do today!

Did you see Boo’s note on the brick to my head? Yeah, that was the other day, and boy does a brick to the head smart. Gonna leave a mark, too! But I survive, to go help move a half ton of mulch another day! Manual labor during the summer months here on the east coast – not so much a big fan of. Lazy days at the beach – much better, and can’t come too soon!

Nerd Fury rises from the ground – funny how you’ll ponder work 20 hours a day when it’s YOUR work.

Stardust is a must see – if you like the Princess Bride, you’ll like Stardust…

Helping friends who want to fix up a friends RV is cool, a good thing to do. Think about how much closer to the sun you are when you’re putting a tarp up over the roof to keep the weather at bay. Also, make sure there aren’t a lot of bricks up there!

hey – it’s Mel’s B-Day – happy birthday to Mel, Happy birthday to Mel, happy birthday to Mel – now she’s as old as me!

things grow instantly after a rain – brown ‘dormant’ (dead?) lawn one day, an overnight thunderstorm – shazam – green lawn that needs to be cut. wow.

things are good. Only getting better – yay!!!



dona nobis pacem

“Keep Calm and Carry On”