damn, this Dvorak is hard!

damn, this Dvorak is hard!

November 20th, 2007

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Kimya Dawson – Viva La Persistence

but at least WinXP has the power to make changing back and forth easy … so, that’s good, right?
\ Snow Patrol – Run \
Feeling a bit better today – not sure what alignment in the heavans has been influencing my moods, but … wow. Wow.

So I attempt to focus on the future – the days coming towards me. All sorts of good ideas flood my brain just like the sunlight flooding our wonderful house. Our home.

Thankfulness – certainly feeling that as I look back over the year-long adventure I call ‘holy crap, that all happened THIS year??? wow….”life…

Fully grateful that my friends are as awesome as they are – great enough things can not be said of them.
Grateful that my family is doing as well as they are.
Grateful that my wife still thinks I’m neat.
Grateful that my hope is still with me.

Grateful that I am loved.

\ ‘a new england’ – i don’t want to change the world, i’m not looking for new england \ billy bragg

ok – gonna get some stuff done, then get back to my hunting and pecking using Dvorak – weeeeee….


dona nobis pacem

“Keep Calm and Carry On”