hanging out in hospitals …

hanging out in hospitals …

January 25th, 2008

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New Yorker’s talking about getting to Florida

not the most fun, however, St. Peter’s in Albany isn’t too bad. Peeps here seem to be happy, smiling and pleasant to each other and the ‘customers’.
Free wifi.
Had a tasty egg cheese and fried bologna sammy for breakfast.
I can personally recommend Truman’s Restaurant and Grill. The Butcher’s Block was quite tasty too!

We wait .. patiently. alone with our thoughts, distracted by shiny toys or the board that scrolls ‘on time’ for individuals going to surgery. Odd – but efficient. They were out of the buzzing beepers, so we wait for the voice from above to call out ‘number 91’.

It’s good to be here with my sisters; Shari’s tired, and fretting… (she agrees that will work as a description)
Here’s a pic to make us smile.
Blood and Ma at Butcher's Block, Alb.

So… we’re here. We’re doing ok. It’s a beautiful day…

“Keep Calm and Carry On”

dona nobis pacem