So, ‘march into spring’ – I get it…

So, ‘march into spring’ – I get it…

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Sunny morning. Rinsing the coffee cup at the sink, look out and see a blooming tree. Pulled up Cascadilla yesterday, and the trees at the corner of hugo which had pretty white blooms are now green all over. Also, wake up without the ability to breathe through my nose. Possibly worth it to have a surprise a day in the “where the hell did that color come from?” department.

Blue has possibly accepted that a nap consisting of deep deep unconsciousness & her green blanket = bliss. All she really needs now is a MilkBone Biscuit. I’m just not sure if I can survive what it does to her.

Was listening to the BBC newscast on our local NPR station this morning, they were discussing the purchase of Jaguar and Land Rover (both historically British automotive ventures) by Indian auto manufacturer Tata. Somewhat ironically, Tata recently announced plans for a $2,500 auto called the Nano. So, , shortly, you’ll be able to spend between $3K and $130K at one dealership (perhaps) – or maybe they’ll just give you a Nano when you buy a Range Rover – your city car; wonder if it will fit in the wayback of the Rover? No – but you can dream.

Hmmm, add Tata’s buy into the world of top tier lux-o-wheels, and India’s ascent as the prime cricket market/sanctioning body – perhaps this is the tipping point, and we should all start to learn more of the Far East culture. Of course, I’d be a lot happier if China got the hell out of Tibet, but that’s me. Perhaps the Olympic folks can note “hmmm, crackdown like we’ve never seen- perhaps we’ll just go back to Rome…”

and this just in, from the wonderful world of blogging – if you want to, you can make Hot Cross Meatloaf, which is placed just above the even more useful (at lease on a day to day basis) that a gun is NOT a drill. Oh, internets, how did we live before you existed??? Thanks, J-Walk Blog!
Enjoy your day, I’m going to.


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