Saturday afternoon…

Saturday afternoon…

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somewhat nice – not as humid as it’s gonna get.

Carrie and Nate arrived to the region yesterday!!! Weeee…. Chatted with them while Boo & I hung out at the park with Michelle, Angie and the brood. Much fun – watching Zach and Spence jump back and forth across the creek that runs through the playground area – oh to be children … ’cause as an adult, all I noticed was the happy happy sighs of over stuffed mosquitos as they lazily, drunkenly flew away from my legs … weeeeeee!!!

Hazy moon last night, heading into the passover weekend – happy birthday Tom (pops-in-law)! Hope he’s doing fine, what with his knee and everything.

Carrie and Nate invited Boo and I to coffee after they had finished raiding Target for cleanliness products – though they called at 9:45 saying they had two carts almost filled – huh. perhaps they have multiple bathrooms? Whatever, they were heading into downtown Raleigh, but Boo and I were bushed, so we passed. Hoped to do lunch, but think it’s gonna be more like dinner tonight – Nate’s folks caravaned across the country with them. Hope they all had a great time – look forward to chillin’ with those two crazy kids!!!

Ok. Wanted to write a bit – having an office gig definitely challenged my ‘leisure class’ schedule – not that I’m complaining. Probably could do with less internet, eh?

Ok. Hope things are wonderful with you.
Dec, hope your pop’s doing better.

dona nobis pacem

“Keep Calm and Carry On”