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looking at pics from back at the beginning of September – MickeyMatt swung thru and we all scampered to the beach! Yay – Labor day at the beach!!!

Took a good number of self portraits, as I am want to do, what with my picture obsession.
From the looks of them, I most definitely needed the trip, and maybe another weekend or three at the beach.

The beginning of September – not sure if Mom was going in for surgery, not sure what my plans were. Made me a mess.

Got through the beach, missed the big storm, and headed north. Decent trip north – some new roads (I-88 into Albany), some I haven’t visited in a while (15 north out of Frederick into Harrisburg) … all those weekends so long ago running away from my new place to be. C’est la vie.

We did new routes this weekend – headed over to Greensboro on Saturday morning – the girls in the Prius, Z and I in Ramona. Didn’t get too lost, and had an enjoyable first presidential candidate rally experience. Go Obama!

New routes. I’ve held a concern over the same 6 routes I roll while I do things in my hometown – to 9th street, or broad. Over to tyler’s or the ballpark. Zip out to Chapel Hill and back for work. Even running away I’m rolling I-85 north into a lost day of Interstate travel. I was brash enough in my youth to declare ‘never again’ on interstate runs. Oh, youth – how charming.

Traveling vs. touring. MickeyMatt helped by being the driver on our way to the beach – guess when I’m in control I’m not adventurous, though Z goads me into finding new places.
More on scott’s travels below

Made it back from Albany, mom making it out of surgery (little did we know that was the easy part!!) and left in the good hands of Blood and Shari. Got to sleep overnight, and then pack for LA. Boo and I traveled to the land of lost angels, got to see Ping and Chris and peeps, enjoy the hospitality of David’s Mom and step-dad – a lovely bbq for the LA set (included sushi!) … meeting relatives and friends alike. Big spiders in bright lights … games to be played and neurosises to be exposed. Fun for all. ‘cept where staying up til 2am in LA is like staying up til 5am Durham time! Ugh!!!
Rehearsal plus dinner was good- scott needing to find proper clothing at the last minute ends up as item number 127 on his list of ‘get in shape, dude’ reasons. Ugh.

Sarah and David’s wedding was wonderful – great people doing wonderful things. I took one and a half pictures. Truly amazing …

I think the best comment from the trip was Boo having a particularly unfun Monday and her saying “I just want to be home in my bed with my dog!” – I do believe her fists were balled up and she was pouting.

We survived our visit with the Big City – I felt good to be able to handle it still, so that was a good thing. Oh, Ford’s Fusion – really nice mid-size american made 4 door. Heartily recommend it if you’re shopping in that class.

Leaving on a jet plane out of LA had Boo and I truly in harmony – Never will we fly through LAX again. Never. Burbank, sure. Long Beach and Jet Blue? Sign us up tomorrow!!! LAX? truly an accident waiting to happen.

Back from LA, took me two days to reset myself. Totally whooped!!! But I did, and I made it through my first week back in the swing of things alright. The past weekend has been good – Friday night debates, Saturday Greensboro Rally, Sunday … ugh-ness and laundry. Oh the fun…

So, there’s a review. I’m sure I wanted to make points on any number of things – how it’s interesting hearing people speak of politics and how I’m actually reacting strongly to them (sorry Matt dude…), how I have this crazy idea of 100% – getting 100% of the people in Durham to vote this time around (inspired by a viewing of Kinky Boots, where the lead dude asks “what can I do?” and the plucky female support says “anything!!!” … and isn’t that true? Do anything if you’re not sure what to do!

Re-roofing my garage with solar water heating and photo-volactic setups; bicycle to work; think a lot more than I’m currently doing, and do even more than I think of doing.

Remember to tell those close what you think of them, and make sure those not so close know too.