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Ah. 2001.
Rhode Island appears on the shiny coin, vended by the drink-o-matic as I pursue destroying my ongoing resolution against diet cola drinks. Damn it.
2001 – Boo and I were solidly at Plan B off of Wilshire. If I’m gonna be a stickler and stick to January of that year .. let’s see. Things were probably pretty good. let’s see what the pics show us …
Looks to be that we were on the East Coast for 2000-2001, which makes sense. I’ve got pics of Boo and I at Montgomery County’s First Night celeb – freezing. But the pics of Z as a newborn, and Michelle drinking a magarita bigger than her head show that we had a bit of fun, eh?

Boo’s hair colors included red and blue!

We drove Silvie past the St. Louis Arch with snow on the ground… we saw some unbelievably pretty sunsets along the way… and spent time with friends in Kansas. I think boo bought some boots from a cowboy in Cottonwood Falls.

Oh. The barbed wire museum of Kansas was closed when we stopped by.
As was Prarie Dog Town.
We drove past Vail through Colorado – I recall being stunned by the beauty of that road – as opposed to Texas, which I recall we spent two or three days crossing west to east on the way to Upstate for the holidays.

Ok. and in Jan of 01 we made it to Moab. the hotel was closed. as was the pizza joint! sigh…
Arches, on the otherhand, was open and gorges! (ha ha ha – sly Ithaca joke there!) ((hee hee hee))

and then I guess I drove through one of the other amazing parks in the middle of the night, and past bun boy where it was chilly and we saw beautiful flowers in mailbu. Yay picture recall …

I’ll try to push the pics I reference, but it’ll be a few for those..

dona nobis pacem

“Keep Calm and Carry On”