Lightning Field

Lightning Field

Forget how long ago I saw this on the internet…

Lightning Field   Originally uploaded by aur2899 (Bklyn Museum Web)

The Lightning Field

The site will explain the details, but out in New Mexico is a field dotted with lightning rods. A cabin sits in the middle. Can you imagine? Carrie and I sat on the porch at the Beach the other weekend watching the lightning off shore, and some closer to us. It’s a fearful site if you’re not used to big summer storms, and even if you are used to it, it’s still damn impressive.

But to be in a cabin, in the middle of a stormy field? wow …

Here’s a nice write up of the art piece – HERE

I’m trying to find a picture I can link to … oh, how about this one.


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carrilla2009-06-22 06:03 am (UTC)
dude… it was scary on that porch 🙂