these sunday mornings…

these sunday mornings…

at least I’m somewhat awake and functional. at the break of 10am…

here’s my link for the week – based in science and the internet and EVERYTHING!
it’s an ‘anti-jet lag’ prescription – all the awake-ness of lots of coffee, non of the jitters!

what the hell – have two great links that tastes great together!
It’s our local rock station, doesn’t do a horrible job of keeping me interested as I run to work. what sells them is their ‘hangover cafe’ on Saturday and Sunday mornings… gotta say I love it. You might not, but I was taught to have manners and to share.

Odd observation – a band-aid over your thumb to prevent a chipped nail from catching on EVEERYTHING makes everything a little … special. including touch typing.

What makes being up and functional amazing might be the fact we helped Nate-dogg rock and roll into his new year last night, getting home amazingly close to ‘really really really late’ … but us youngin’s are fine with a mear 5 hours o’ sleep! The fun we had being out definitely makes our spirits sing, if not our toes dance. Perhaps the two laps of the Muse o’ Life & Sci might have contributed to our slightly less than footloose feet? It certainly was fun to stroll the grounds, see the bears, snap pics of the frozen waters…
Nate, Carrie & Boo stare at ice the 'sail boat' pond - all iced over
I’ll see if I can link to the video of how it sounds when you pitch ice chunks onto an ice puck floating in a concrete pool – I think when it first plays is the best… all much fun, though.

Oh, and from a mere week earlier –

Ok, gonna go make the most of the day – hope everyone’s feeling good.