12:47 am… wow – the hurt locker.

12:47 am… wow – the hurt locker.

there’s politics involved in any organization …
7 years ago, was it… in a tent in the parking lot of Grauman’s Chinese theater, we went to war. green toned images from tanks barreling across the desert. Baghdad lit up like a mono-tone 4th of july, from hell.

Later that week I drove through crowds with signs –

have we gotten to the point where we can honestly assess and blame those who did the wrong things, those who’ve caused the deaths of others… will we be able to focus? Or am i a hopeless optimist, waiting for the bells to peel 12 times, the pumpkin carriage to return to it’s actual form, and the princesses to be dumped into the mud, the mire of the torment the power-brokers created?
Or will we continue, as does hollywood, along the path of least resistance into the abyss, pleased with ourselves for the things we do.

really need to see this movie, though. and applaud the progress we have made.