“Shalom, y’all.”

“Shalom, y’all.”

from our local listserv … I guess I’m livin’ in the south, eh?

Boo’s on a trip of doom with her pop – something about finding a storage unit Bubby has … weeeeeeee!!!!

it’s a ‘spring holiday’ at UNC, nicely timed to Good Friday. I vaguely recall ‘Easter Monday’ being a semi-official holiday down here.

Blue is way too cute, and as if on cue two squirrels were mixing it up outside and she did a mini-spaz. woot!

by the way – America. What a country!

ok – this is spastic too! off to put the house in order – who knows when boo and Tom will roll in, but they’ll be beat, I’m sure.

Hope you’re having a fabulous Friday.