TED … cause I like them.

TED … cause I like them.

Did you hear? Flights over northern Europe disrupted. Volcanic ash (which has previously caused big jetliners to have complete engine shutdowns) wreaking havoc! Havoc I say!! (my point of concern was that Formula 1 circus was going to be stuck in China instead of getting back to their home bases in Europe before the next rounds of racing starts)

We chatted ever so fleetingly during the crackle and roar of Morgan & Beth’s fire pit, so aflame not in celebration of all things Icelandic nor Olympic, but cause Gus turned 10!!

From Gus' Birthday Party

Planes not flying, big particulates in the clouds, previous planes ‘gliding’ from 35K feet to about 15K feet before the engines restarted (I also read this post – Ash versus airplane last week) … all very something. The news spread concerns over business taking a beating (along with airlines), but all I could ponder was “Hey – great time for Cisco to kick it with their video conference services! (have you seen the commercial with Juno actress? or this one, even – this one has Ellen Page)

Well, at least one group of peeps decided to make use of their stranded-ness – TEDxVolcano peeps.

Just one more reason why the TED folks make me hopeful.

Now if only they could join in and help This Machine Kill Cancer, cause I’d really really like that. A lot.

{as U2 sings about not finding what they’re looking for – if you keep looking that’s good, right?)