Green-light green…

Green-light green…

NancyG brought to my consciousness this point.
I see greens. green grass, spinach, olive drab, green white board marker… but I do not see green-light green. Thus, those who don’t suffer color deficiency see a shade of green, but they can never show it to me. She also wants to go to a site to see what we ‘special’ peeps see … I’ll have to look into that for her!

I L O V E TED TALKS!!!!! “Ideas worth spreading”
You should too, by now. Check this one out titled “Making political change with pen and paper” from Omar Ahmad.

Get writing. I think there’s an issue or two you can probably help out your elected officials with.

Another one I listened to/watched this morning dealt with simplicity. The fellow wrapped up with a comment about how making something great isn’t really about having nothing left to add to it, but nothing left to remove from it. Got me to ponder building versus designing things. For an example, type and into a browser window. Which is simpler? which is better?

Friday – sunshine, heat and puppy dogs (hello Mingo!)

Oh – and Cory Doctrow will be in the area over May 22 (Raleigh) and May 23 (Chapel Hill). Sweet!!!