Rabbit Rabbit..

Rabbit Rabbit..

So we say hello to august … with a lovely weekend to spend time with friends, cook a meal in our house, and let Boo’s love of flowery things thrive!

Viv had us over on Friday night, and her kitty is awesome! Was nice to break bread with the boys (Raymond and Christopher) as well as the girls (Morgan and Beth), and to have our community be so happy and supportive of us (as always).

Ended up getting a crown on my cracked tooth (r30 for you dental types)last Thursday, so that meal was my first ‘no mushy’ food in a week – and it was delicious pizza and Boston cream cake!

Sat had boo and Morgan putting in lovely flowers along the front of Hobbit House, and today had M&B swing over for a tasty dinner from the loving hands of Boo (with an assist from Morgan) – so we cleaned up the dining room and I have to say really had a nice time with people over and that feeling of ‘hey – we’re ok too!’ which we unfortunately let our cluttered abode keep us from feeling enough of! we shall strike at the challenge with the force of 10,000 suns burning brightly. Or at least the force of one oh so happy to have people who might drop their food on the floor Blue Monkey Highlight!!

Now we prepare for the week ahead – hope the weather stays nice – it’s been really enjoyable this weekend.