sunny fluffy clouds as heavy equipment pushes stones around…

sunny fluffy clouds as heavy equipment pushes stones around…

I’m sure someone knows why I am fascinated – FASCINATED I TELL YOU!!! – by the construction going on outside my window. They have a big front bucket loader and a grade-all going back and forth back and forth; occasionally a dump truck drops off another load of stones, and then – back and forth, back and forth – the soothing sound of the engines reving up and then down… zen heavy, perhaps?

Have a clip I’ll need to push from last night – big nasty storm rolled through as the work day was ending –

Thankfully it didn’t get in the way of a very nice gathering for an office lunch celebrating Carol’s birthday!! (thanks morgan!)

I had not one but TWO Lager Shandy’s – refreshing, where as the ‘Ripper’ from Tyler’s (two deep fried premium hot dogs with chili and garlic fries) was slightly less refreshing, more astonishing. After that goodness – the incredible treat that is milk chocolate cake with butter-cream frosting (thanks Deanna!)

Back to the storms, as I shared with Wendy, it’s just so much more and so different from what I recall from my youthful daze in Upstate. I recall the deluge, the awestruck thunder filled air, the lightning causing the streetlights to pop off, try to come back on, and pop off again. But here in the Triangle – wow – the clouds roll in and then STORM!! Last two days with wicked lightning… wednesday night’s strobe effect, and thursday’s bolts of raw god-like power! amazing.

Well, think I’m gonna get this show on the road.
Enjoy the summertime peeps…