almost friday…

almost friday…

so I have to type fast!
was a fab day even though it had it’s challenges.
Like the dmv opening at 9, not 8 – doh!
sending a fedex package to australia with just a regular airbill (not gonna happen)
lots of rain = lots of traffic challenges (trees and power lines apparently do not mix)
If only Tom G.’s plan of moving peeps into the new building, and having our servers back up on line yesterday at 5 had worked…
I would have been busier when Jeff, Tom, Chad and Morgan came into my office, had a bit of a chat about filling it with lots of file cabinets, and then inquired if I could move to Lauren’s old office by tomorrow afternoon?

Oh yeah – that kind of day.
Here’s a link to an apropro cartoon I got emailed to me about an hour after I was asked to move –

It’s all good though – got to hang with Morgan and Leslie at Satisfactions and then James made it to the gathering, where we talked about the Dillerman Experience, and drank beer on the patio. yay!!!

Then home and getting blue’s toenails clipped so the trip to the ‘glamping’ trip will be less devastating. I hope.

Ah blue…

Hope your thursday into friday was as fun and exciting!!!


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