Sunday morning, quietly listening to Sinead rip out her heart…

Sunday morning, quietly listening to Sinead rip out her heart…

funny how this:

got me to buy an album sound unheard, review unread, and how much it really worked for a 19 year old kid living in a foreign land.

Getting to see here perform lo these decades later – wow. Nice to see a personal choice vindicated, eh?

Sunday mornings – for some odd reason we’re choosing to emulate Upstate new york with the chance of snow overnight into Monday – really? ok. We need the rain, so we can do backyard fires at M&Bs, but wow – so chilly, right after I futzed with the windows so I could have a nice breeze last weekend. Odd. Makes for enjoying soup a bit more…

Glad to see my sis has enlarged her flock – I’m sure there is much love to be had, and i can’t wait to visit with the new(ish)girls when next I swing thru the Pacific Northwest. Chatting with blood is always wonderful. can’t wait to get back there (soon I hope)

so – have you see our Durham Bull?

looking SHARP!!

Oh – Travel Monkey is going viral … er, social! er … um. yeah. Travel Monkey will be offering his opinion on things, be it mine, boo’s, or others – here’s the blog – I’m sure he’ll have pics up somewhere sooner or later.

So yeah – March – glamping, spring time blooming, things going pretty well.

Hope you’re doing well too.


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