still thankful, still hopeful, still happy…

still thankful, still hopeful, still happy…

“everything’s OK, you’re / I’m going to be okay” {we hope} – ah scrubs. well done.

can you believe I’m just now stumbling onto interviews with the people behind the characters I bond with on TV…

blue snores away on the couch. relaxed at 2 in the afternoon, the sound of the house AC unit running in the background (maybe just the fan unit…)
my clicky clacky keyboard strokes trying to capture what is really a sublime feeling where things just seem right. Still have a good part of the day to go through and get things done. invite to amiga’s place for burning and good times. a quietude in my mind cavern, not too much yipping or whispering. my heart feels at rest, not strung out by opposing forces (hey – it’s blue’s birthday and YAY!!!, but then again, Shari’s surgery was more taxing than had been hoped for – she’s still fine, but now she’ll have to really recuperate, as opposed to rest and recuperate…)
songs of Lindi Ortega (red boots – that’s for you MP!), Peter Gabriel – ah, the late 80s and his awesomeness, however into the ’00s, and he’s still awesome, just grown up, like ME!!
somehow, onto scrubs clips on the YouTube – wow. great moments from the show, then stumbling onto a video series from the Paley Institute, formerly the museum of radio and television. Interviews with Bill Lawrence creator of scrubs, and the cast. Real people who seemed to have had as good a time shooting the show as I’ve had watching – how cool is that?

and now, silence with keyboard, in support of our pup snoring. Life.

and now blue is woofiling in her sleep and probably running – go girl go!!

I’m lucky
I get to stumble upon files that have my mom’s voice in them;
sadly, it also proves without a doubt that though I enjoyed my time behind the mic at WCOM … perhaps I needed to focus a tad more. but here on a Sunday in 2011 I get to ‘celebrate’ my mom’s birthday by hearing and smiling at a conversation we had in Dec 2007
there were even moments where I sound like I know what I’m doing. Definitely sounded like I was having fun.

followed by a chat with my sister in seattle

“we got an airplane. we got route 66. it’s a Leitmotif – what could it be? Help us elvis… please help us.” crazy scott on the radio circa dec 07

“it’s all the same thing
no new tale to tell…”

i got to run my own little happy tunes radio show for a while. cool.
i have amazing friends. cool.
i’m feeling a bit better, thanks. cool.

but still – so much to … do? see? think about? hold? throw? burn? smile at?
cool refreshing RC cola in hand, floating along on a sunday afternoon… where the hell AM i going?