friday evening, listening to the thunder ….

friday evening, listening to the thunder ….

you know it’s a good storm when you’re inside a closed up house (A/C ROCKS!!!), and you still hear the rumblin’ of the gods.

quickly, for I really want to share – cars! you may not know this about me but I’m a fan of quality automotive expressions. Luckily enough, over the past week, I’ve caught a glimpse of:
a) new Nissan GTR (in white, not so stunning) – but is sits there with a purpose that can’t be denied.

b) First an honest to god rolling example of VW’s Corrado! Woot!! Mickeymatt enjoyed the hell out of 1990 model, if I’m correct. Still looks purposeful.

c) for no real good reason, the next day I saw a Generation 1 Scirocco, also from VW. I had earlier in the day recalled my purchase of a white Scirocco over in Germany, and the slight dash fire that occurred after I had the window broken to steal my radio. sorry Andy – didn’t mean to startle you…

d) ok – just last week (while Boo enjoyed a getaway to the beach with Morgan) I took the time to read through a short story about a motojournalist’s pursuit of a new motor for his 2nd gen Scirocco. Much shenanigans occurred. And what do i see rolling on Roxboro today? That’s right – a 2nd Gen Scirocco – Zoiks!!

Just so you know, it’s considered that the Corrado was the replacement for the 2nd Gen Scirocco when it arrived; why it didn’t continue with the name, no idea…

Generations – I love the idea that a ‘car’ can evolve and get better (most of the time). Seeing the VW 3-door coupe family parade before me in real life was quite nice. Now if they’ll only import the 3rd Gen Scirocco from Europe.

Also – a pic of a Ford Festiva. On the interstate. At speed. I salute you!!

oh – yeah – also, first sighting of a Fiat 500!!! yay!! (this is a press photo – I didn’t have a chance to snap a pic!) (actually, all but the festiva are from the intertubes…)

So yeah, I like cars. Just in case you didn’t know that.


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